We dont take app request, if games dont work, please dont ask for fix, if the apps dont get fixed within the 30 days of your access you can purchase 5 day update package.

Please follow below instructions:

1. Create Developer account with Oculus and Enable developer mode on your devices (estimated time 2 minutes)

2. Install Jocala: 

For Windows: http://www.jocala.com/downloads/adblw43.exe 

For Mac: http://www.jocala.com/downloads/adblm43.dmg

Start Jocala app and then Connect your headset to your PC/mac using USB-C

and put on your headset on and click yes to authorise the device:

Download sample app: http://astreamweb.com/kodi/test/CirqueduSoleil.apk

In Jocala app select "install apk" and select the adb file.

you should see "install success". 

You should now find the app in your quest under Unknown Sources:

click on App icon -> and on the window that appear click on the drop down box (top right) and select unknown sources)

and all your installed games will appear, and you free to click on any game to playback.

If all success:

Install Resilio Rsync: https://www.resilio.com/platforms/desktop/

start resilio and click on top left "+" and select     

Email support for Key. (payment required).