Typically when a new plugin version is released older plugin will stop working. 90% of the users will be auto updated. But at times some users can experience problem with auto update in which case a manual push is necessary. Here is how to:

For Fire TV Users please go to the following URL for simple restore guide: Fire TV Device Clear Data

For All other Android users including Ouya boxes.

Go to Kodi ->system -> add ons -> enabled add ons -> video add ons -> Astreamweb -> Update (if update is not working or greyed out please process with an uninstall.

To reinstall 

Go to Kodi -> system -> add ons -> get add ons ->  Astreamweb add ons -> video -> astreamweb -> install 


For Apple TV 2 users if the above is not working, your box is most likely has no more space and Kodi need to be reinstalled. here is how to do this through Putty ssh:


Alternative contact support with teamviewer remote access. And we will do this for you. Remember We will end official support for Apple TV 2  on the 1st of january 2015.


The force update method (if the above is not working)

Attach a mouse to your android box using USB input on the android box (for apple, ouya its just press "menu" button. No need for external mouse)

Uninstall as per the above guide

for reinstallation:
Go to Kodi -> system -> add ons -> get add ons -> right click on  Astreamweb add ons  and choose "force update and again this time choose "check for update" then processed to -> video -> astreamweb -> install .

if video is blank restart the box or Kodi and this time go back into video under astreamweb add ons and astreamweb should appear to proceed to install.