For new install or factory reset, please start from Step 0 for reinstall start from Step 1

Step 0 Watch this video to enable Developer option on Fire TV:

Step 1 Click find  and enter “Downloader”

Step 2 Click Downloader icon

Step 3 Click select button on remote to begin download & Downloader will install

Step 4 Click Open to launch Downloader

Step 5 Click Allow

Step 6 Click OK on welcome window

Step 7 Click left arrow until u reach the side menu and select Favourites

Step 8 select the three line button at the top right corner:

Step 9 Now select "Import favourites from URL".

Step 10 Now Type:

Step 11 Now select AstreamWeb Play for download and once downloaded say yes to install this app. 

Step 12 AstreamWebPlay download will begin

Step 13 Click Install on AstreamWeb setup page

Step 14 Click Open once AstreamWeb Play has been installed

Step 16 You will be presented with AstreamWeb Play home screen. complete the login process by click on SIGN ON

Step 17 Now you find astreamweb play app under all apps section

Step 18 Follow the below guide to bring AstreamWeb to home screen:

1. Hold down your Home button


2. Now select Apps:

3. Highlight the app you like to bring to front page and press the Menu button on the remote. 

4. Select Move to the front.