You can watch ALL Premium IPTV Channels on your Apple TV 4 Device. Follow the instructions:

Purchase Iplaytv app From App Store for 3USD.  (required).




Steps to peform:

1. Download and install the iplaytv app from App store. 

2. Start the app and click on Add playlist
3. Select Remote Playlist File

4. Type a Playlist name + your personal M3U Playlist URL (You find your personal M3U url in your member area (see image below): 

NOTE: If channels are not populating, then you have typed the wrong url, common mistake is between capital I and lower letter L

5. Type the following EPG url:

6. Channel refresh = 5 days

7. EPG Refresh Rate = 3 days

Sample image:

TIP : To get to Channel category, click on left button once u inside "Channel listing".