Standard and premium members can now playback IPTV services on their IOS devices. 

1. Download app from app store: GSE IPTV [ For apple TV devices please download IplayTV App]
2. Open app, and click on + [top right corner]

3. select "Add M3U URL".

4. Playlist name: "AstreamIPTV"

5. Playlist link: Login to Member Area and on the landing page you find a drop down box where you select the iptv categories you like to list in your app, and a url will appear right below, copy this url to playlist link. This url changes depending on the categories you select.  

6. Now click on the three lines at the top left side.

7. Select "EPG Program Guide". 

8. Now select the + On the top right corner. and select: "Add Remote EPG Source".

9. EPG Name: Astreamepg & source: Select auto update: 3 days.

10. Now select the "three lines" for the EPG you have created and select: "Update EPG".

11. Now you can view all channels under "Remote playlist". Which you find by selecting the menu (three lines) and select remote playlist.

You are done.