You may experience from time to time some channels dont play, this can happend from the long list of over 3500 channels available. There will unfortunately always be channels that require attention for one reason or another. 

Self Help:
Before submitting a ticket, please first check if there is similar channels available, or other channels with same program available, we usually have multiple same channels available. multiple complain from same member without first checking if alternative channels are available will result in member being ignored.

What application and device must i use for Live tv ?
You must use our AstreamIPTV APP and you must have a minimum Fire tv 2 BOX, Fire tv 3 Diamont shape, Fire TV 4K Stick or the All New Fire TV Cube.

How to Report channel issue:
Check if channel name has [AstreamWeb] in the title, and if it does, then please submit a ticket or contact us through whatsapp. please mention the following else Chat will be ignored or asked to check this page again for propper reporting:

If you unable to playback ALL channels then please first restart device, and restart routuer and try to Clear Data? and try again, and then only submit the below information:

What device u using and what app you using?
Have you tested on AstreamIPTV App?

What channel is causing the problem, provide exact title.

Under what category is the channel under?

is the channel down or buffering ?
Have you confirmed there is no other channelsairing same content ?

All the above information must be sent to or through whatsapp

However if the channel title does NOT contain [AstreamWeb] All we can do is inform upstream provider about channel issue.Do mention this in the ticket.