That means ur internet connectivity to our server is not connecting with optimal performance. You need to do a test by going to: login and download the same file, check the download speed, if the speed is above 10mbit. We suggest purchasing a Google Mesh router, as your current router is very unstable. sometimes ISP offer free router upgrade if you long term customer, so ask them first. However we have seen significant performance increase with a google mesh router, in a household. If the speed is slow, its either a server issue or an ISP routing issue. If its server issue, alot of users will have complained to us as it will be a general problem, and we will already be in action. If its routing issue there is not much we and you can do, until ISP fix the problem, usually ISP will receive complaints from customers like you, also their own monitoring system will flag, as its typically a switch thats defect and traffic is rerouted through a longer route causing slow performance,also since more traffic is routed through same route it will cause congestion.