Important: Please view this in your mobile phone as it has interactive links!

Welcome to Watchlist Widget Setup for iOS (iPhone). The following steps will guide you through the setting up the Watchlist widget. Once setup you will be able to see the movies you added to Watchlist that are currently available in your personal folder. Please follow each step carefully.

  •     STEP 1: Install Scriptable app from Apple store  -
  •     STEP 2:  Click on below link  (link opens in safari) -
  •     STEP 3:  Hard press in the above Safari window and expand the selection markers to select the entire script and “Copy” contents to clipboard from “Setup-Watchlist.js” in Safari window
  •     STEP 4: Open Scriptable app installed from previous step. 
  •     STEP 5: Add a new script in Scriptable app by pressing the “+”  button on top right

  •     STEP 6: Rename the “Untitled-1” on top of the window by clicking on it and renaming it to “Setup-Watchlist.js”
  •     STEP 7:  “Paste” the script code  copied from  STEP 3
  •     STEP 8: Now press the run/play button at the bottom right of the screen
  •     STEP 9:  Now enter your YAMS/ASTREAMWEB username in the prompt (this is not your email id) and press OK
  •     STEP 10: Your widget setup did not work if you receive the following message. Repeat STEP 8  
  •     STEP 11: Your widget setup is complete if you receive one of the notifications below
  •     STEP 12: Now add a scriptable widget to your home screen following the next steps
  •     STEP 13: To add a Scriptable custom widget, go to wiggle mode and click on the plus sign on the upper left corner of your iOS device and choose Scriptable. Choose medium size widget by scrolling to the right in the choices offered (second choice) and choose a placement for the widget in the Home Screen. 
  •     STEP 14: Then, hard press on the widget just placed in the home screen and choose “Edit Widget” from the context menu. Next, choose “Watchlist-Widget” to assign to this widget.

The setup is now complete and you should see movies available in your personal folder. If not, try adding one to your watchlist (trakt/watcht) and soon the movie will appear in the widget when it is available in your personal folder to play. Good luck and happy widgeting! :)